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It all started with a magic wallet. Perhaps that sounds like the hook to a science fiction or fantasy novel, but for Larry Talbert, owner of Talbert Insurance Services, there’s no better opener to describe the journey of his life.


Talbert fell in love with magic at 14, drawing inspiration from his youth minister at the First Baptist Church of Lawrenceville who was also a magician.


Ambitiously, he got to work, practicing tricks for the better part of his young adulthood, right until the final days of high school. Then begrudgingly, he boxed up these prized possessions and tucked them away in his parents’ attic, forcing his passion to the side indefinitely.


The next several years of college, Talbert buckled down, studying and prepping to become an English professor. Except by the time he’d graduated, he realized there weren’t jobs available for students with no tenure. At a crossroads, he approached his father, who’d been in the insurance industry for years.


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